PV Training for February 2010


UK: Seb Lee-Delisle

Dates: February 1-2, 2010

In his home town Brighton, just an hour south of London, Seb Lee-Delisle is offering an official 2 day Papervision training course. Learn all the skills you need to create professional 3D Flash projects from the acclaimed Papervision team member and Plug-in Media Technical Director.

You’ll learn how to get started in Papervision with the minimum of fuss, and before you know it you’ll be creating rich 3D interfaces and games. We’ll also be covering skyboxes, Augmented Reality (with FlarToolkit), and optimisation techniques.

More information and bookings.


9 Responses to “PV Training for February 2010”

  1. saurabh Says:

    need a showroom in papervision/away3d, with very good real life like texturing,, and user when enter in room as a guest shall move using his avatar and shall be able to see other users walking across the room “live” and shall be able to chat with them…we will use flashden objects inside showroom to display products eg. display boards for banner rotator, tv for swf, etc etc..

    needed the room to be designed in a manner like the photos of the showroom walls,floor,roof will be called from xml files so that it can be changed tomorrow with changes desired..

    can u do it sir ?? I need it for my site..
    Please quote resonably

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Will there be training held in the states? Preferrably in the NW (Portland, OR would be fantastic!!!)

  3. Louis Tribault Says:

    I might not be able to come to that training course. It’s a shame because I really want to learn and see what papervision is about.
    Are you planning to do other course during the rest of the year?
    thanks for your answer

  4. Seb Lee-Delisle Says:

    Hi Jeremy and Louis,

    I’ll be running a course at FFK in Cologne, and probably something in either NYC or Boston in May. I hope this helps!


  5. Dan Shea Says:

    Looking forward to a course in the Boston or New York area. (boston would be better). Can you tell me if you have firmed up any plans?

  6. Darren Urquhart Says:

    I couldn’t get over to Brighton this month. Isn’t there a video or book I could buy. When are you back in the UK.

  7. Seb Lee-Delisle Says:

    Hi Dan, it’ll be in NYC either just before or just after Flash and the City in May. Any good to you ?

    Darren, I’ll probably bring some more training back to Brighton in 6 months or so but I may be doing one sooner than that in Birmingham.



  8. Ayaia Says:

    I couldn't get over to Brighton thus month. Isn't there a video or book I could buy. When are you back in the UK.;

  9. Seb Lee-Delisle Says:

    Hi Ayaia,

    I’ll do some training in Brighton in 6 months or so although I’m doing more Flash games training these days than PV3D. Although I’m doing a PV workshop in FFK in Cologne. I’m also doing a PV video series for Lynda.com next month.


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