FITC Amsterdam 2010


Only a few weeks left for FITC Amsterdam 2010, featuring such an inspiring speaker lineup, with some of the big names of the Flash community.

Papervision3D will be represented by Seb Lee-Delisle and myself, but there’s plenty of 3D expected in sessions by Ralph Hauwert, Bartek Drozdz, Lars Scholten, Theo Stals and the amazing motion graphics of MK12.

Design. Technology. Cool shit. Make sure you don’t miss it.


5 Responses to “FITC Amsterdam 2010”

  1. Haito51 Says:

    Wow this is great

  2. jks Says:

    Why is it called “cool shit”?

  3. Positive thinking Says:

    woow all speaker is great names

  4. kaloeides Says:


    The Motion Graphics Festival (MGFest) would love to feature Papervision at its events this year.

    Please let us know what would work best for you and I’m certain would could put something together.

    Contact Information: email us at or call (781) 856 0809.


    MGFest 2010 presents a year-long, regionally focused program of events in motion design, sound design, and interactivity with an presents an unprecedented degree of event integration for your organization. MGFest is innovating creative community by creating quality experiences! (

  5. toby Says:

    The speakers look brilliant! is there any 3D Stuff there?

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