Digimi Avatars


Digimi is a very nice Avatar-Generator and library of creative assets for Games & Virtual Worlds. It is also a platform and a set of web services for game developers to be able to generate high end characters for a minimal development effort. You can see it in action here.

Following a successful merger of DAZ-3D and Gizmoz, the joint company company provides a central solution to design, manage and transport high-quality digital characters that can be deployed in virtual worlds, cross-platform games, social networks, mobile applications and professional modelling and animation tools.

Digimi has been using Papervision3D for a long while now and it came natural to select the engine to showcase their product in a real time browser based environment. As such Digimi is ready to supply the PV3D community with Actionscript 3 classes and code samples that will assist in integration of the Digimi SDK to Flash development in general and Papervision in particular.

Inside their new developer centre, you will find their up to date API documentation and full avatar creation offering as well as latest news with regards to the Digimi SDK.

This is an impressive project we’ve been following for a while and a fantastic tool for game developers who want to include 3D avatars in their game without the pain of building them from scratch. Hope you find it good uses for it!


5 Responses to “Digimi Avatars”

  1. Milan Orszagh Says:

    the avatars look very nice, was amazed by the animations while changing the face …

  2. Panther Yourself Says:

    […] Papervision Site for more […]

  3. Digimi SDK review on Papervision3D blog « Says:

    […] in strengthening the relations between Digimi and Papervision3D engine has manifested in the recent review of the Digimi product on the popular engine’s […]

  4. Free 3d models Says:

    Very nice avatar…

  5. Amusitronix Says:

    The avatars almost look natural! nice job on the graphics, well done!

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