Papervision is the 3D engine I’ve been working on during the past months.

It started as a simple way to transform MovieClips to achieve the 3D illusion. By changing their position, size, rotation and skew you could almost forgive the lack of perspective.

But the latest version, fully optimised for Flash 8 Image API, uses triangle tesselation to distort textures. Now we can render complex objects in “real 3D”!

Constant benchmarking and understanding the player’s strengths and limitations are essential to getting the best performance. I’ve also learned a lot from using it in real projects. Most of the features have been added to solve problems found during production.

[Update: Papervision goes open souce]

Version 4
October 2006, Flash 8

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Version 3
June 2006, Flash 8

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Version 2
April 2006, Flash 7

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Version 1
March 2006, Flash 7

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Version 0.9 Beta
December 2005, Flash 7


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I started playing with 3D on the Atari ST and later on the Amiga. Made a living out of it when moved into PlayStation development, but almost forgot it all when I switched to web design.

But time has passed by and Flash has improved greatly. With higher processing power and much faster screen rendering, it’s now possible to get really nice results.

And most of the techniques that were used during the early days of realtime 3D graphics, are now valid again.

At least, until we have 3D hardware support.


16 Responses to “History”

  1. Michael Mehrle Says:

    Love the demos – great work! What’s the chance of adding a stereoscopic mode to your engine? The only thing that would make this even cooler would be stereocopic 3D rendered by a Flash engine 😉

  2. Papervision Offers 3D Engine for Flash - MarketingRev - Tech News for Marketers Says:

    […] Web’s most ubiquitous presentation medium is getting a new boost in 3D imaging from an open source group calling themselves Papervision3D. Their 3D engine, also called Papervision, works with the Flash 8 […]

  3. Panagiotis Says:


    I’ve seen your projects and I was quite impressed. I do volunteer work for a museum in Greece. I created the website and I also want to make a 3d tour of the museum. I was wondering whether I can use you tool.

    Could you please tell me if this is possible and what you require from us?

    Thank you in advance.

  4. C4RL05 Says:

    Papervision3D is going to be released under the MIT license.

    That means you can do whatever you want with it, commercial or not.

    It’s not required, but it would be nice if you kept us updated of your progress.

  5. Adam Connor Says:

    What are the chances of being able to “Draw” 3d images dynamically? Similar to how 2D objects can be dynamically drawn using the drawing API in ActionScript.

  6. Juan antonio Says:

    Hola Carlos,,

    Soy el padre de Loreta,,,de pronto haciendo ftp, con un colega aleman me he acordado de ti. Hace tiempo te envie un foto de Loreta via el navegador de internet de microsoft.
    me parecio interesante ese metodo.
    Me he dicho voy a ver a Carlos, sus nuevos proyectos y su pagiana Web. Siempre me sorprendes, ya veo tienes el programa Papervision 3D bastante adelantado y con codigo abierto, lo cual me ha encantado, y felicito por ello, Tambien veo que te vas a Canada a enseñarlo, te deseo lo mejor de los exitos, espero verte algún día por Madrid, y te comas la paella tienes pendiente. Te deseo lo mejor Juan ANtonio

  7. lsfdesign Says:

    fabuloso programa!

  8. public-beta.com » Papervision: 3D Engine für Flash Says:

    […] Papervision3D ist eine 3D Rendering Engine für Flash. Und da Flash sich mittlerweile als alles verschlingende Basisplattform durchgesetzt hat, könnte das big werden. Zumal das Projekt OpenSource ist. […]

  9. Domenic Says:

    Hi there,

    I absolutely love what you have done with Papervision 3D. I hope to use it in some of my upcoming projects. It’s nice to see this done by a Jedi / Amiga user! 😉


  10. Oman3D.com » Blog Archive » Papervision3D Beta Released Says:

    […] old yet impressive samples of the engine in development that could be seen here show the potential of this engine for creating interactive 3D movies. You can watch the new video […]

  11. Flame - Il Music Player/Jukebox 3D « Says:

    […] è un eccezionale progetto realizzato con la tecnologia Papervision3D. Questa applicazione non e’ altro che un player musicale con un sistema di navigazione 3D. […]

  12. Flame - Il music player/jukebox 3D « MARCOBG’S BLOG Says:

    […] 24 Novembre, 2007 di Marco Moretti Flame è un eccezionale progetto realizzato con la tecnologia Papervision3D. Questa applicazione non e’ altro che un player musicale con un sistema di navigazione 3D. L’ […]

  13. artavenue » Blog Archiv » neue Skizze, 3D Flash Stuff, schlechtes Timing Says:

    […] ganze wurde mit der OpenSource 3D Enginge Papervision realisiert, welche wohl gerade ganz groß im Kommen ist, was aber bisher völlig an mir […]

  14. actionscripter.co.uk » Blog Archive » Adventures In PaperVision 3D Says:

    […] by giving away my work for nothing? The creators of PaperVision, Carlos Ulloa, John Grden and the rest of the crew, answer this question. Rather than being the authors of a great 3D engine no-one knows about, by […]

  15. meisha Says:

    I’m going crazy trying to find a Papervision demo that I was looking at yesterday… it’s a walking paper man. He looks like someone cut him out from photographs… it’s great! Does anyone know what I’m talking about and where to find it? Thx!

  16. enydreia Says:

    Papervision 3D is like creating magic. I have a mate who use it and i never stop to watching his sites.

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