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Digimi Avatars

March 31, 2010

Digimi is a very nice Avatar-Generator and library of creative assets for Games & Virtual Worlds. It is also a platform and a set of web services for game developers to be able to generate high end characters for a minimal development effort. You can see it in action here.

Following a successful merger of DAZ-3D and Gizmoz, the joint company company provides a central solution to design, manage and transport high-quality digital characters that can be deployed in virtual worlds, cross-platform games, social networks, mobile applications and professional modelling and animation tools.

Digimi has been using Papervision3D for a long while now and it came natural to select the engine to showcase their product in a real time browser based environment. As such Digimi is ready to supply the PV3D community with Actionscript 3 classes and code samples that will assist in integration of the Digimi SDK to Flash development in general and Papervision in particular.

Inside their new developer centre, you will find their up to date API documentation and full avatar creation offering as well as latest news with regards to the Digimi SDK.

This is an impressive project we’ve been following for a while and a fantastic tool for game developers who want to include 3D avatars in their game without the pain of building them from scratch. Hope you find it good uses for it!


FITC Amsterdam 2010

January 12, 2010

Only a few weeks left for FITC Amsterdam 2010, featuring such an inspiring speaker lineup, with some of the big names of the Flash community.

Papervision3D will be represented by Seb Lee-Delisle and myself, but there’s plenty of 3D expected in sessions by Ralph Hauwert, Bartek Drozdz, Lars Scholten, Theo Stals and the amazing motion graphics of MK12.

Design. Technology. Cool shit. Make sure you don’t miss it.

OGC Open

December 10, 2009

Created in Berlin by Daniel Erbert and Sebastian Suckow, OGC Open is an amazing 3D golf simulation game that allows you to play in courses all around the world.

The game has been in development for two years and comes packed with features such as single and multiplayer mode, player configuration, daily and weekly tournaments, achievements, world ranking and much more.

Developed using Papervision3D, the game uses advanced techniques like height maps to generate the terrain and animated player characters as MD2 objects.

If you are a golf enthusiast or just want to play a few holes, now you can do it for free and from the comfort of your browser. Conference calls will never be the same.

CaT London

October 26, 2009

As dozens of new technology trends and methods touch marketing and advertising daily, the CaT: Creativity and Technology conference stands out as a tightly-edited gathering of the best minds in the field for a discussion of furthering creativity through technology.

I’m very excited to participate in the London event with a session focused on interactive 3D in the browser and Papervision3D. You can watch the video of my previous panel together with Ben Fry of Processing and moderated by Nick Parish.

Organized by the Creativity magazine team, the speaker selection is very impressive and their work will blow your mind. From mobile to Open Source, covering the latest trends and award winning projects in all things digital.

Look forward to see you there!

Papervision3D is Shifting Gears

October 13, 2009

First off, we would like to thank Ralph Hauwert for his tremendous contributions to Papervision3D and wish him well in his future endeavors. Ralph has been a good friend and a unique talent that has redefined everyone’s expectations of the Flash Player’s capabilities. Good luck Ralph!

Moving forward, we have regrouped and restarted our efforts in building a shiny new 3D engine for Flash Player 10. This new engine will simply be called “Papervision3D 3.0”.

Our focus this time around is being as Open Source and transparent as possible. In fact, even though we’re in the initial planning and architecture stages, you’re welcome to follow the progress and give feedback (if you feel technically qualified to do so) by watching the engine grow on github (*Updated the link to *).

We would also like to welcome our newest team member, Ben Hopkins. His experience and expertise with 3D programming is a welcome boost to our project and a new set of eyes to keep us in check.

As the project grows, we will expect the team to grow as well. We fully encourage forks and contributions through github. With that being said, everyone must understand that we will filter the contributions based on quality and compatibility. We’re hopeful this approach will bring the community force of flash optimization tricks in helping to make the fastest 3D engine available.

Over the coming months, “3.0” will be under heavy development and in constant flux. As we get more comfortable with our progress, we’ll announce potential release dates, but until then please set your expectations of the code base as “under construction”. With our focus shifting to “3.0”, we will be stopping development of “2.1” for the foreseeable future. We will make an effort to work with the community to close out the open issues of “2.1” and we’ll make those announcements through the mailing list and developers’ blog.

As always, we’re very grateful for your support and we appreciate your understanding of our project shift. We’re very excited to fire up our engines and take the project to a whole new level!

The Papervision3D Team

PV3D Training Autumn 09

September 3, 2009

Toronto: John Lindquist

Dates: September 21-22

Official Papervision3D training from the guys who developed Papervision3D. We’ll cover everything to getting you started with Papervision3D to making a fully interactive 3d scene with 3d objects, lights, shaders, textures, are more.

Edmonton: Ralph Hauwert

Dates: October 16, 2009

In this one day course we will cover a great part of the capabilities of the Papervision3D API for Flash. From concept to execution, Ralph Hauwert will take you through the process of creating an implementation of the Papervision3D api, be it an application or website. During the day we will cover Papervision3D hands-on, with narrative by one of the developers of the API.

New York: Seb Lee-Delisle

Dates: October 19, 2009

All the way from Brighton UK, Seb Lee-Delisle is offering a day of official Papervision training in New York City. Learn all the skills you need to create professional 3D Flash projects from the acclaimed Papervision team member and Plug-in Media Technical Director.

London: Carlos Ulloa

Dates: November 2-3

Dive deep with the founder of PV3D in this 2 day intensive Advanced Papervision3D Training Course for experienced professionals who want to be able to create advanced interactive 3D experiences. The course will focus on the techniques, workflow and planning necessary to overcome the creative and technical challenges of real time 3D in Flash.

.net Awards 2009 Nominees

September 3, 2009

Papervision3D and two other PV3D projects have been nominated for a .net Best of the Web Award from .net magazine.

Papervision3D has been selected as finalist for the OPEN SOURCE APPLICATION OF THE YEAR category. Last year with your much appreciated votes we received the INNOVATION OF THE YEAR award and it meant a lot for us and our community. Thanks!

And for the INTERACTIVE SITE OF THE YEAR category you can choose between two great PV3D sites: Big and Small from Plugin Media and GE Smart Grid Augmented Reality by North Kingdom.

The .net Awards celebrate the best in web design and development, and are brought to you by .net, the world’s best-selling magazine for web builders.

Many thanks for your support!

The Profiler

September 3, 2009

Combine Facebook with YouTube and Flickr, and you have The Profiler, a website that lets you discover more of the things you find interesting, and the things your friends find interesting. So next time you see your best friend, you’ll finally have a topic to talk about.

Created by Famous in Brussels.

Red Bull Soap Racer

September 3, 2009

If you enjoyed building and flying airplanes in Flight Lab, you’ll love Red Bull Soapbox Racer. This time it’s cars, super fast racing, very steep hills, ultra downhill, everything in full physical and 3D glory.

Our friends at Less Rain have set once again the benchmark for 3D games in Flash, using the powerful combination of Papervision3D and Box2D. Check out their blog for more info.

Papervision3D Essentials

September 3, 2009

Packt Publishing has just released today the first PV3D book, Papervision3D Essentials written by Jeff Winder and Paul Tondeur.

This book is a comprehensive guide to getting you started, as well as being an invaluable reference for every PV3D developer, describing how the engine works and how real world applications are built.

Jeff and Paul have worked very hard to create the definitive guide to Papervision3D, looking at every option, examining the source code and asking us many questions. Their experience and understanding of the engine is spread across 13 chapters, available in paper and PDF eBook formats:

  1. Setting Up
  2. Building Your First Application
  3. Primitives
  4. Materials
  5. Cameras
  6. Moving Things Around
  7. Shading
  8. External Models
  9. Z-Sorting
  10. Particles
  11. Filters and Effects
  12. 3D Vector Drawing and Text
  13. Optimizing Performance

Every chapter is packed with in-depth coverage of important 3D concepts with demo applications, screenshots and example code.

Take a look by yourself check out the table of contents, these two excerpts about Lines3D and VectorVision and sample Chapter 8: External Models.

In behalf of the Papervision3D team, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this book. We are certain it will prove invaluable to our development community.