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OGC Open

December 10, 2009

Created in Berlin by Daniel Erbert and Sebastian Suckow, OGC Open is an amazing 3D golf simulation game that allows you to play in courses all around the world.

The game has been in development for two years and comes packed with features such as single and multiplayer mode, player configuration, daily and weekly tournaments, achievements, world ranking and much more.

Developed using Papervision3D, the game uses advanced techniques like height maps to generate the terrain and animated player characters as MD2 objects.

If you are a golf enthusiast or just want to play a few holes, now you can do it for free and from the comfort of your browser. Conference calls will never be the same.


Red Bull Soap Racer

September 3, 2009

If you enjoyed building and flying airplanes in Flight Lab, you’ll love Red Bull Soapbox Racer. This time it’s cars, super fast racing, very steep hills, ultra downhill, everything in full physical and 3D glory.

Our friends at Less Rain have set once again the benchmark for 3D games in Flash, using the powerful combination of Papervision3D and Box2D. Check out their blog for more info.


August 5, 2009


So much energy has never before been contained in a bottle. You had better not touch it, one can never know what consequences it might have.

EnergyLab is a 3D puzzle created by Grupo W in Mexico and my studio HelloEnjoy here in London. You have five minutes to assemble the bottle and win a trip to Russia to fly a combat jet.

Check out our behind the scenes post for more info.

So Interactive

July 27, 2009


Jerry Filipiak sent us this nice Papervision3D site they´ve done as introduction for their  web agency, So Interactive, in beautiful Krakow, Poland.

If you click on play, the paper figurines that form the menu become targets in game where you have to hit them with a paper ball. Very nicely done and a fun game too!


July 27, 2009


Moscow based  STAIN have developed a crazy 3D first person PacMan game for CASA creative force.

Alexandra Gavrilova and Sergey Titov used Papervision 2.0, Tweener, FlashDevelop as code editor, Flash CS3 to make swc files and Blender for 3d modelling and COLLADA export.

They found particles very useful because of their low performance needs and pure vector look, and Alexandra added star and diamond shapes to particle material class. Vectorvision is used for CASA logotype in the end.


February 11, 2009


Tirnua is a free, browser-based simulation game world where you can edit your rooms, hang out with your friends, trade objects and play games.

From a technical point of view, the scenery is isometric 2D but the characters are rendered with Papervision3D so the Tirnuans have unlimited number of animations.

Tirnua is constantly in development with new features added every single week so come back regularly and check their progress.

The world’s strongest truck

January 26, 2009


Volvo Trucks wanted to communicate the release of their new truck, currently the world’s strongest truck, with a great little game.

According to the developers, the fun gameplay with physics and use of Papervision yielded a great interest online and lots of traffic.

Developed in Göteborg, Sweden by Muskedunder Interactive.

PV3D loves LittleBigPlanet

December 16, 2008


Our good old PV3D is been making friends lately with LittleBigPlanet, this year’s must-have computer game.

The PS3 title is not only amazing for playing and building levels, but also a great source of inspiration for 3D developers and designers.

To celebrate its launch, our friends at Agency Republic have created a Sackboy generator to showcase the unprecedented customization available in the game.

Using PV3D and PureMVC framework, the microsite lets you create and control your very own 3D Sackboy, the games’ stuffed hero. Then, once you’re done, you can share it via a number of options, including your own embeddable Sackboy widget. They even plan to integrate the avatars into the LittleBigPlanet game itself!

And we have another cool LBP-PV3D example coming from the ranks of fan artists. Rémi Toffoli has made a pretty nifty Flash version of the original game combining several OS libraries: PV3D, APE and WiiFlash.

Prepare yourselves to enjoy a lot. Because time is ripe for Open Source projects and 3D.

Foot Locker Nike’s Tuned 10

December 15, 2008


Mook, the team behind the Nitro Group website, brings us a new interactive experience for Foot Locker.

Robert Sargent tells us all about it:

We recently completed development on an immersive Papervision3D experience for Foot Locker. The website is part of an integrated campaign for the launch of Nike’s Tuned 10 sneaker. The campaign was based around the concept of evolution and its visual aspects were informed by the “trixels” which form the sneaker.



December 15, 2008


The very talented guys at Blocmedia were in charge of this amazing PV3D “tour de force” around Meta4orce, a BBC sci-fi show created by comic-book writer Peter Milligan.

The site, an interactive mix of episodes and games, is a truly complete experience of the series.  No wonder it received a children’s Bafta nomination.

You can read more about its technical challenges on the very commendable Iain Lobb’s blog. Iain is Head of Interactive at Blocmedia, and they’re doing amazing things with PV3D.